Coordinated by New York-based nonprofit Community Solutions, Built for Zero is a national change effort working to help committed communities across the United States reach functional zero for veteran and chronic homelessness. Now we are welcoming Built for Zero to Duval, Clay and Nassau counties in an effort to effectively end veteran homelessness by April 2020.

Northeast Florida’s Built for Zero project is comprised of the following organizations:

Our Work

More than 85 communities nationwide are participating in the Built for Zero initiative, but Jacksonville is just one of six cities included in Built for Zero’s large city cohort.

Eleven small and medium sized cities have achieved Functional Zero for veteran or chronic homelessness through Built for Zero’s data-driven, command center approach. However, large cities, like Jacksonville, require an even more aggressive approach to overcome complex barriers that exist on a greater scale in large city systems.

Homelessness is Solvable

Roseanne Haggerty, President of Community Solutions, explains the steps Northeast Florida is taking to reach functional zero for veteran homelessness.

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Our Approach

Meeting our goal of functional zero by April 2020 means implementing strategies that have been proven to combat homelessness. These strategies include:

An Integrated, Command Center Team

Community homeless service providers, the VA, local government, and all other essential partners are working together toward a shared goal of functional zero for veteran homelessness.

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Analyzing Real-Time, Up-to-Date Data

We collect and analyze real-time, up-to-date data on all veterans experiencing homelessness in our community. This allows our team to find more tailored solutions for individuals.

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Optimizing Local Housing Resources

Our team is using this real-time, up-to-date data to connect with landlords and property managers throughout our community  essential partners in our efforts toward functional zero.

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Get Involved

Interested in finding homes for our veterans and getting involved with Built for Zero?

If you or someone you know manages an available house or apartment in Duval, Clay, or Nassau county, and would like to rent to a veteran, please register the property here.

You can also keep up with us here as we work toward functional zero!