Thank you for your interest in the Jewish Journal. We’ve prepared this page to answer the questions we hear most often. If you still need help, please call us at (213) 368-1661 or message us here.


What is TRIBE Media Corp.?
TRIBE Media Corp., formerly Los Angeles Jewish Publications, Inc., is a diversified non-profit media company focused on local, national and global Jewish news, issues and culture. It is not affiliated with any organization, ideology or movement. TRIBE Media Corp. consists of Jewish Journal; jewishjournal.com, podcasts and Tribe Events.

What is The Jewish Journal?
The Jewish Journal is the largest Jewish weekly newspaper in the United States measured by print and digital readership. Founded in 1987, The Jewish Journal’s mission is to serve our community through quality independent journalism. The Jewish Journal is available in print at over 800 pickup locations from Santa Barbara to Pasadena to the South Bay.

What is JewishJournal.com?
JewishJournal.com is one of the world’s leading Jewish news sites. It contains local, national and global news updated daily, as well as commentary from noted Jewish personalities and writers including Hen Mazzig, Shmuel Rosner, Jonathan Kirsch and Stephen Smith.

Are you part of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles?
No. The Jewish Journal was founded in 1987 by lay leaders of the Jewish community independently of any other Jewish organization. TRIBE Media Corp. has retained that independent status.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. You can find our privacy policy here.

How do I donate to the Jewish Journal?
The Jewish Journal is a reader-supported nonprofit. It costs a lot of money to put out the Journal, but our community depends on it. And now, we’re depending on you. Make a tax-deductible donation and enjoy a year’s supply of guilt-free reading. To donate, click here.

Are you affiliated with other Jewish Journals?
This is the Los Angeles Jewish Journal. If you are searching for another location such as the Florida (954-698-6397) Jewish Journal which is an unaffiliated /separate organization, type in your search engine your state and Jewish Journal to locate them.

Do you accept walk-in appointments to visit or pitch your story?
We love your enthusiasm however, you must have a valid appointment with one of our staff members to enter our building for security purposes.

How do I obtain a back issue?
Our most current issues are here. However, if you are looking for an older issue you must contact us and select subscription/ back issue. So that we can properly assist, please provide the issue date including the year. Be aware that any requests made past the current year may not guarantee a physical paper or pdf.

How do I change my email address from email subscriptions?
To do this, simply go to your personal email and select a Jewish Journal email and at the bottom of the email select “Unsubscribe” and then resubscribe with the different email.

Where is the Jewish Journal? I need to read it.
You can read the current as well as past issues of the Journal here or check your local library, temple, or community bakeries and shops for a Jewish Journal stand.



What is the circulation for TRIBE Media Corp’s publications?
The Jewish Journal has a circulation of 50,000 copies and an estimated 150,000 weekly readers; JewishJournal.com, more than 2 million monthly unique visitors.

How can I subscribe to The Jewish Journal for delivery?
Please visit our Subscribe page to learn more about receiving delivery of the Jewish Journal. Or call 213.368.1661 x 129 and leave a  message on our subscriptions voicemail.

There is a problem with my subscription. What do I do?
Call us at (213) 368-1661 ext.101 or click here for any subscription issues, including vacation holds, changes of address, renewals, cancellations, etc.



I submitted a calendar listing and it hasn’t appeared. What’s going on?
We do our best to get as many events in the print edition as we can, but are limited in space. For jewishjournal.com, if you have submitted an event and don’t see it on our website, please contact us at calendar@jewishjournal.com or click here.

How do I list an obituary?
Go here and select obituary to obtain the list of requirements. Family members in our obituaries are only survivors of the deceased and obituaries will be edited for space. We do not charge for obituary listings. For additional questions call 213-368-1661 ext 113.

For a larger/extended (paid) obit, contact (213) 368-1661.

I have an idea for an article. How do I submit it?
Send it to editor@jewishjournal.com. Include all relevant information, especially dates and a contact phone number. The Jewish Journal does not reprint press releases.

I want to write a column/blog for you. How do I submit a proposal?
We accept OpEds, First Person and columns of 700 words, book reviews, poems, articles, Table for Five pitches and press coverage requests. Send via e-mail to editor@jewishjournal.com.  Are you a freelance writer with an article idea? Send your story query with clips to editor@jewishjournal.com. The Jewish Journal does not print fiction. Due to a high volume of requests our team will reach out to if they are able to proceed with your story.

I would like to submit my book for consideration.
You can submit a short pitch about your book to editor@jewishjournal.com or send a request to mail your book to us for consideration here. Due to a high volume of requests our team will reach out to you only if your book is chosen for review.

Want to blog at JewishJournal.com? If you have a great idea, we help with set-up, promotion, and branding. Please send an email to our blog manager at blogs@jewishjournal.com.

Where can I submit a complaint?
Write us here. If you want to complain in public, address it to letters@jewishjournal.com.

How do I contact the Advertising department?
Visit our Advertising page, email us at advertising@jewishjournal.com, or call to provide your details 213.368.1661. Please allow 1-2 business days (excluding press days and holidays/weekends) for an agent to return your inquiry with quotes, sizing, and additional logistics.

How do I reach a different department at TRIBE Media Corp?
For a complete list of our departments, visit our Contact Us page.

I want to work for TRIBE Media Corp. How do I apply for a job?
For editorial positions, please send your resume by e-mail to editor@jewishjournal.com. Include relevant clips. For advertising positions, email advertising@jewishjournal.com.

How do I obtain consent to reprint an image/ article?
Please provide your first and last name, issue date, image/article link and what it will be used for, send this information here and select Media Rights Request.

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